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  • History of anthracite coal mining in Pennsylvania - Wikipedia

    Reading Anthracite is a national and global supplier for metallurgical and diverse manufacturing industries, commercial & municipal filtration applications, and residential and commercial heating. The inherent, natural qualities of anthracite coal from the Reading Anthracite Company address the needs for energy, carbon and media solutions.[...]

  • Anthracite Coal Mining Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania

    Aug 20, 2019· From the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. Links to Pennsylvania county maps dating from the 1850s through the 1870s. The maps on this page were specifically chosen because they depict a plethora of surface and subterranean features, such as businesses, churches, mineral deposits, mountains, roads, rivers, and schools.[...]

  • Coal - Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural ...

    Anthracite ("hard") coal. The publication Coal in Pennsylvania (PDF) includes information about the geologic history of coal in the commonwealth, where it occurs, and how it is mined and used. In Pennsylvania, operators mine coal at the surface and underground.[...]

  • Coal Region - Wikipedia

    The Coal Region is a historically important coal-mining area in Northeastern Pennsylvania in the central Ridge-and-valley Appalachian Mountains, comprising Lackawanna, Luzerne, Columbia, Carbon, Schuylkill, Northumberland, and the extreme northeast corner of Dauphin counties. Academics have made the distinction North Anthracite Coal Field and South Anthracite Coal Field (each of Pennsylvania ...[...]

  • About Us | Pennsylvania Anthracite Council

    Anthracite, commonly known as hard coal, has been commercially mined and prepared in the Northeast Region of Pennsylvania for more than 150 years. Most Anthracite reserves are found in the five counties of Schuylkill, Carbon, Northumberland, Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties.[...]

  • Anthracite & Bituminous Coal Forum - Residential ...

    Dec 01, 2019· Stoker Coal Furnaces & Stoves Using Anthracite (Hot Air) A Coal stoker furnace or stove controls most operations including automatically feeding the coal. They are quite similar to any conventional oil and gas units and easily operated for extended periods of time. They commonly use rice coal but may use larger sizes like buckwheat.[...]

  • HEET Inc

    Heet, Inc. was established to offer clean, economical, high-quality anthracite stoves, fuel and accessories to the consumer for home use. The company headquarters are located in Washington, Pennsylvania and with its network of affiliated dealers, Heet, Inc. serves the entire tri-state area. We market all of the Reading Anthracite coal products.[...]


    Jun 22, 2019· AOAA FULL THROTTLE EXPERIENCE. AOAA Trails is an extensive off-road trail system conveniently located in Eastern Pennsylvania. We've been named one of the top 10 destinations in the country for ATVs, full-size vehicles and dirt bikes.[...]

  • Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum | Serving the ...

    The Anthracite Heritage Museum, located in McDade Park in Scranton, Pennsylvania, serves the educational needs of the public regarding the story of hard coal mining, its related industries, and the immigrant culture of northeastern Pennsylvania.[...]

  • Dealer Directory Locator - Reading Anthracite Coal

    The Reading Anthracite Company is a leader in Pennsylvania's anthracite coal industry and a source for energy, carbon, and media products and solutions. Dealer Directory Locator - Reading Anthracite Coal[...]

  • Myerstown, PA - Countryside Coal and Wood

    At Countryside Coal and Wood, we do our best to give you quality products that bring warmth to your home. Our source of coal is from the well known Blaschak Coal Corporation in Mahanoy City, PA. We can deliver the size you need when you need it! We also deliver oiled and bagged coal …[...]

  • Ashland Pennsylvania - Anthracite Coal Mine Tour 2017 ...

    Jul 06, 2017· Video footage of our tour through an anthracite Coal Mine. ... Anthracite Coal Mining Pennsylvania - A Day in the Life of a Coal Miner - Duration: 10:00. Jim Roberts 23,353 views.[...]

  • Mining Anthracite - ExplorePAHistory.com

    Coal deposits are scattered around the globe, but the coal from a 500 square mile region of northeastern Pennsylvania is special. During the Paleozoic era, 300 million years ago, what is now rugged and mountainous terrain was a steamy plain filled with swamps.[...]

  • Scranton, Pennsylvania - Mining History Association

    History of the Pennsylvania Anthracite Region. The Anthracite Mining Region of northeastern Pennsylvania extends over 485 square miles of nine counties. It is divided into four fields. Each field is further subdivided into basins. The coal deposits are Pennsylvanian in age (325 million years).[...]

  • Anthracite Coal Characteristics and Applications

    Anthracite also is the most brittle among coal types. When burned, it produces a very hot, blue flame. A shiny black rock, anthracite is used primarily for heating residential and commercial buildings in the northeastern region of Pennsylvania, where much of it is mined.[...]

  • Pennsylvania Anthracite Council | Reclaiming the Past ...

    Anthracite, commonly known as hard coal, has been commercially mined and prepared in the Northeast Region of Pennsylvania for more than 150 years. Most Anthracite reserves are found in the five counties of Schuylkill, Carbon, Northumberland, Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties.[...]

  • Atlas Anthracite Coal Corporation - MinesDatabase.com

    Facility Coal Mine specialising in Coal (Anthracite), operated by D. Molesevich & Sons Construction Co., Inc. Directions to Atlas Anthracite Coal Corporation. Take Route 61 North to Atlas, PA. Turn left at Coal Co. sign travel 2 blocks to Mulberry Street end to mine entrance gate.[...]

  • PA Mining History

    Coal Mining in Pennsylvania PA Mining History. Room-and-pillar mines have been active in Pennsylvania's bituminous coalfields since the late-1700s. Bituminous coal was first mined in Pennsylvania at "Coal Hill" (Mount Washington), just across the Monongahela River from the …[...]

  • Anthracite Coal Mines of Northeast Pennsylvania

    The extra pressure from this process yielded coal that was more pure, harder and of higher carbon content than any other types of coal. This coal is anthracite and over 95 percent of the Western Hemisphere's supply comes from this special region in northeast PA. Native Americans used crushed anthracite as a black paint stone.[...]

  • Coal Is Our Business...

    Penn Keystone Coal supplies quality deep and surfaced mined Bituminous coal from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, West ia, and eastern Kentucky for the retail, industrial, metallurgic, and utility markets in the eastern United States. We also distribute Anthracite coal from eastern Pennsylvania for retail and industrial markets.[...]

  • Anthracite coal economy in Pennsylvania unaffected by Trump

    Dec 12, 2018· Anthracite is instead used in home heating and metallurgy, like steel-making. While the rise of natural gas has continued to gut the thermal coal industry, the market for metallurgical coal is growing steadily — though not to the levels of its heyday. Once, there were nearly 100 million tons of anthracite coal mined every year in Pennsylvania.[...]

  • Coal in Pennsylvania

    The first clear record of anthracite coal appears on a map prepared by John Jenkins, Sr., in 1762, which showed "stone coal" in two places. The first use of anthracite was by the Gore Brothers in their blacksmith shop at Wilkes-Barre in 1769. The coal industry …[...]

  • Where to Buy Coal Near Me? Anthracite, Bituminous, etc: 10 ...

    Coal Mining Companies and Other Suppliers (Best for Bulk) Coal mining companies mine anthracite, bituminous coal, and/or lignite. These companies often provide delivery, at least in their region, but they typically only deliver large quantities to individuals. Shipping rates are available upon inquiry. 7. Blaschak Coal Corporation[...]

  • DiRenzo Coal - Pennsylvania Anthracite Coal

    been proudly producing and marketing quality Pennsylvania Anthracite Coal. In fact, we have been doing so under the same family ownership and management longer than any other existing U.S. Anthracite coal company. As an independently owned and operated enterprise, we …[...]

  • Lehigh Anthracite | Anthracite Coal Supplier

    Located in Pennsylvania, Lehigh Anthracite produces up to 500,000 tons of the highest quality anthracite coal per year. We also have retail coal for sale.[...]

  • Anthracite Coal Mining Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania

    Aug 20, 2019· About the Anthracite Coal Mining Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The Anthracite Coal Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania encompasses six counties in Pennsylvania: Carbon, Columbia, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Northumberland, and Schuylkill (a small portion of Dauphin County also contained coal).[...]

  • The Best Books About the Pennsylvania Anthracite Coal ...

    Early Coal Mining in the Anthracite Region is a journey into a world that was once very familiar." *** Dirty Mines: The Last Generation of Anthracite Coal Miners By John Fitzgerald "DIRTY MINES is a historical novel about Anthracite coal mining in Pennsylvania during the 20th century.[...]

  • Pennsylvania Northern Coal Field

    Encyclopedic reference of Pennsylvania's Northern Anthracite Coal Field. Use one of the selections below to generate a tabular report of mining activities of the Northern Field.[...]

  • Bagged - Penn Keystone Coal Co

    You must have access to a forklift or skid loader to unload palletized coal. Coal is clean, high quality Anthracite both surface and deep mined and bagged with 25+ years of plant experience. We will deliver or you may arrange pickup. Our bagging plant is in eastern Pennsylvania a few miles off of Interstate 81 in the heart of the Anthracite fields.[...]

  • A Tribute to Anthracite Miners – Mining, Hard Coal, and ...

    Skeletons of The Coal Region. When coal was king, its castle was the breaker — an imposing fortress that crushed, washed and sized billions of tons of Pennsylvania anthracite for use in factories, foundries and homes up and down the East Coast.[...]