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x ray technology

  • X-Ray Technology | CHESS

    X-Ray Technology As one of the pioneer synchrotron radiation laboratories that was built more than twenty years ago, CHESS has played a significant role in the development of x-ray technology. An individual lens from a compound set to focus x-rays into a beam on the order of microns across.[...]

  • X-rays - NIBIB

    Medical x-rays are used to generate images of tissues and structures inside the body. If x-rays travelling through the body also pass through an x-ray detector on the other side of the patient, an image will be formed that represents the "shadows" formed by the objects inside the body.[...]

  • New Trends and Technology in Radiology | Imaging ...

    New Trends and Technology in Radiology. Trends and Insights from RSNA 2012. ... (SI) to measure density without exposing women to additional examinations or X-ray radiation. The technology works by taking two images of the mammography exam and counting photons to measure density.[...]

  • The Science of X-ray Technology

    X-ray astronomy is a relatively new science. ... This area makes extensive use of X-ray technology spinoffs. The two major developments influenced by X-ray astronomy are the use of sensitive detectors to provide low dose but high-resolution images, and the …[...]

  • How to Become a Certified X-Ray Technician

    Research the requirements to become a certified X-ray technician. Learn about the job description and read the step-by-step process to start a career in radiologic technology.[...]

  • Leading provider of high technology tools and systems for ...

    X-Ray Technology is a leading manufacturer of x-ray tubes, power supplies, and integrated x-ray sources. Our solutions enable breakthrough R&D and high volume OEM's in the global analytical, medical imaging, food quality & packaging inspection, and industrial NDT markets.[...]

  • X-rays of the Past, Present, and Future - All Star X-Ray Blog

    Nov 10, 2016· X-ray technology has developed into the field of radiation technology and has given rise to several other variations of imaging technologies. While current X-ray technologies are still used primarily in medicine and dentistry, their application has also now evolved to material analysis and security scanners. What Lies Ahead[...]

  • Could this breakthrough be the future of X-rays? | World ...

    Nov 25, 2019· But as with any drastically new technology, he acknowledges, the devil is in the details, and unexpected issues could crop up. So his estimate of when a practical X-ray device could emerge from this, he says with a smile, is "from three years, to never."[...]

  • What Are X-Rays? Electromagnetic Spectrum Facts and Uses ...

    Advances in technology have led to more powerful and focused X-ray beams as well as ever greater applications of these light waves, from imaging teensy biological cells and structural components ...[...]

  • Nanox Introduces Digital X-ray Technology | Business Wire

    Nov 19, 2019· X-ray goes digital since its discovery in 1895 and opens new frontiers for medical imaging NAVE ILAN, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nano-X Imaging Ltd. ("Nanox" or the "Company"), a medical ...[...]

  • X-ray - Wikipedia

    Dec 04, 2013· The new technology "could make X-rays ubiquitous, because of its higher resolution, the fact that the dose would be smaller and the hardware smaller, cheaper, and more capable than current X-rays," says Luis Velásquez-García, a principal research scientist at MIT's Microsystems Technology Laboratories and senior author of the PowerMEMS ...[...]

  • Digital X-ray Technology | Chehalis Dentist

    Chehalis Dental Care uses x-ray imaging on a daily basis at our office, but instead of the old technique that involves films and lengthy wait times, we use advanced digital technology. When taking x-ray images during an office visit, Chehalis Dental Care relies upon the use of high-tech digital x-ray technology to provide clear, high resolution ...[...]

  • Developing radically new technologies for X-ray systems

    Siemens is investigating entirely new concepts for X-ray systems. The aim is to achieve a radical increase in imaging resolution and to enable phase-contrast X-ray imaging. This entirely new ...[...]

  • X-Ray | Imaging Technology News

    X-ray, or X-radiation, is a form of electromagnetic radiation that can pass through many materials that are opaque to light. They can be used to take images of the inside of the human body.[...]

  • X-ray technology for the future — Science Learning Hub

    The technology involves a special chip called Medipix. The Medipix chip is similar to the chip in a digital camera, but instead of detecting light, it detects X-rays. The chip can take very thin image slices and it can measure over time, so X-ray movies are possible. Phil's project is called MARS – which stands for Medipix All Resolution ...[...]

  • Digital X-ray / X-rayed / digital X-ray systems / PACS ...

    Discover OR Technology's broad product portfolio, spanning digital X-ray and mobile radiography, medical image management and web-based applications (cloud services).We offer complete system solutions based on conventional and digital X-ray technologies, …[...]

  • X-Ray Technology - OEM X-Ray Development - ...

    FISCHER TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Windsor, CT- - The FISCHERSCOPE® X-Ray XAN® and XDAL series are energy dispersive high-performance X-Ray fluorescence spectrometers and provide simple, fast and accurate analysis of unknown materials. Element detection from Aluminum to Uranium is possible even at very low concentrations.[...]

  • How X-rays Work | HowStuffWorks

    X-ray technology lets doctors see straight through human tissue to examine broken bones, cavities and swallowed objects with extraordinary ease. Modified X-ray procedures can be used to examine softer tissue, such as the lungs, blood vessels or the intestines. In this article, we'll find out exactly how X-rays machines pull off this incredible ...[...]

  • The History of X-Ray Technology | Radicalogy Radiology

    Mar 06, 2015· After all, getting an x-ray done takes only a few minutes at the doctor's or dentist's office and we even utilize x-ray technology at many airports for security. Yet despite how ubiquitous x-ray technology is today, it was a relative wonder a little over a century ago. When first introduced, x-rays were used for a lot of applications.[...]

  • A leap forward in X-ray technology | MIT News

    Dec 04, 2013· The new technology "could make X-rays ubiquitous, because of its higher resolution, the fact that the dose would be smaller and the hardware smaller, cheaper, and more capable than current X-rays," says Luis Velásquez-García, a principal research scientist at MIT's Microsystems Technology Laboratories and senior author of the PowerMEMS ...[...]

  • Radiographer - Wikipedia

    Radiographers are infrequently, and almost always erroneously, known as x-ray technicians. In countries that use the title radiologic technologist they are often informally referred to as techs in the clinical environment; this phrase has emerged in popular culture such as television programmes.[...]

  • X-Ray Technician | School, Certification and Salary Info

    Some X-ray technicians are generalists while others specialize in a particular type of machine or clinical area (such as breast imaging). Because technology advances quickly, there is always something new to learn, and technicians continuously upgrade and enhance their skills through continuing education.[...]

  • X-Ray | Technology Org

    Faster X-ray technology observes catalyst surface at work with atomic resolution January 31, 2014; A scientific first: Team engineers photograph radiation beams in human body through Cherenkov effect[...]

  • X Ray Technologist Jobs, Employment | Indeed.com

    4,606 X Ray Technologist jobs available on Indeed.com. Apply to X-ray Technician and more! Skip to Job Postings, Search Close. Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries ... ARRT Licensure in Radiologic Technology or Completion of Radiologic Technology program.[...]