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  • About upgrading - Ipswitch

    About upgrading. Thank you for upgrading to WhatsUp Gold 2019! This guide is intended to highlight several changes Ipswitch has made to the user interface between the releases of WhatsUp Gold 16 and WhatsUp Gold 2019 as well as guide you through the steps to follow after the upgrade installation.[...]

  • Release Notes for Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2018

    Access the online help, release notes, installation and user guides for all Ipswitch software products including WhatsUp Gold, MOVEit and WS_FTP Pro.[...]

  • What is Network Monitoring? - WhatsUp Gold

    NMSs include a library of monitoring templates, which defines how to monitor a device. In WhatsUp Gold, we call these templates Device Roles. Device roles are type and vendor specific. For example, what you monitor on a Cisco Router will differ from what you monitor on a Dell Server.[...]

  • Security and Network Monitoring Blog And Podcast - Ipswitch

    Keep up to date on the latest security and network monitoring news and subscribe to our podcast for interviews with industry leaders[...]

  • Advanced PowerShell Functions: Upping Your Game

    You'll find that advanced functions have many parameters by default without having to create them. Just type out the function name, press "-" and start hitting the tab key. This will allow you to see all of the parameters that are now available to you. Make advanced functions part of your daily scripting habits.[...]

  • Transitioning from WhatsUp Gold 2016 to WhatsUp Gold 2018

    Explore the functions to find specific credentials and the process required to add new to your WhatsUp Gold. Start Monitoring Devices: Understand the streamline process to start monitoring devices in WhatsUp Gold 2018 versus the multiple locations and steps required in WhatsUp Gold 2016; Wireless Monitoring: WhatsUp Gold 2018 has integrated ...[...]

  • WhatsUp Gold Data Retention - Ipswitch, Inc.

    WhatsUp Gold Data Retention. Follow Following Unfollow. In training events we often hear questions are about WhatsUp Gold data retention functions. What happens to the data generated by the constantly running monitors? Are there limits to how much data can be collected or retained? This educational video explores the impact of the databases ...[...]

  • Understanding the Business Case for Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold ...

    Thus, Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold includes monitoring functions that span servers, applications and networks and includes traffic analysis and configuration management. SolarWinds, by contrast, provides most of those functional areas as optional modules that are licensed separately. See Table 1.[...]

  • How can I change the 'Device Role' for all objects in a group?

    It looks nice and has a couple of neat new functions but as a whole, moving away from the management application to the Web UI makes the product much more attractive but far less useful to us in the trenches doing actual work. ... We use WhatsUp Gold 18.3.1 Build 128. Expand Post. Upvote Upvoted Remove Upvote Reply. Brian Hoops (Customer)[...]

  • Swann Engineering Monitors Its Way to Near-Continuous ...

    Plans to use other functions. After a few months working with WhatsUp Gold the company still has plenty of functionality to explore. These include setting up real-time alerts with Network Traffic Analysis to provide early warnings of a user abusing bandwidth.[...]

  • How to Build a Function in PowerShell - Ipswitch

    Jul 13, 2018· Functions are a common occurrence in PowerShell and to truly understand the PowerShell language, it's important that you know how functions work. To demonstrate this, let's first start off with a function that can't get any simpler.[...]

  • Poller Usage in WhatsUp Gold - Ipswitch, Inc.

    Jul 31, 2018· The Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Poller is an application used to perform and assign WhatsUp Gold device polling operations to monitor network devices. Scalability pollers installed on a WhatsUp Gold system transmit active monitor and performance monitor data to the WhatsUp Gold server. Extending polling activity across multiple poller increases the ...[...]

  • WhatsUp Gold Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2019 ...

    Go over some WhatsUp Gold analyses and scrutinize the other software systems in your shortlist more closely. Such comprehensive research ensures you stay away from unsuitable applications and subscribe to the one which includes all the function your business requires. Position of WhatsUp Gold in …[...]

  • WhatsUp Gold Power Boost Training - Support - Ipswitch

    Power Boost training helps experienced WhatsUp Gold customers master their use of our software and improve their network monitoring skills. Up to 20 attendees can learn more best practices and uncover WhatsUp Gold capabilities you may have not yet discovered! This course is designed for WhatsUp Gold ...[...]

  • WhatsUp Gold User's Guide

    WhatsUp Gold ix Preface WhatsUp Gold is a graphical network monitoring system designed for multi-protocol networks. WhatsUp Gold monitors your critical devices and services and initiates visual and audible alarms when there's a problem. In addition, WhatsUp Gold can notify you remotely by beeper, alphanumeric pager, e-mail, or telephone.[...]

  • Release Notes for Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2018

    Installing WhatsUp Gold on a domain controller is not recommended or supported. If WhatsUp Gold is hosted in virtual environments, to prevent licensing issues, make sure that you assign a static MAC address to the virtual machine on which WhatsUp Gold is operating.[...]

  • WhatsUp Gold v12 Database Schema - Ipswitch

    Database Schema Overview This document describes the database schema for the WhatsUp Gold database, which stores information about the devices, monitors, and actions needed to run the WhatsUp Gold family of products. Naming Conventions All tables follow a consistent naming convention to describe their contents and make their[...]

  • Alnatura chooses Ipswitch IT monitoring - Ipswitch

    After having used the monitoring solution for four years, Alnatura has switched to WhatsUp Gold 2016. Derkowski sums up by saying: "I am extremely satisfied in particular with how quick and easy it is to implement the system monitoring and how stable WhatsUp Gold runs. Support is …[...]

  • Syslog Server - Log Management Best Practices - WhatsUp Gold

    WhatsUp Gold's free Syslog Server offers various features that easily collect, save, view or forward syslog messages from anywhere on your network. Use Syslog Server to filter and sort syslog messages based on several criteria including hostname, IP address, or message contents.[...]

  • Create an Application Access Key with the Azure Management ...

    Create an Application Access Key with the Azure Management Portal. Before you proceed! This procedure includes steps you or your Azure administrator perform outside of WhatsUp Gold. Ipswitch is not responsible for changes to documentation, online resources, and hosted software that originate from Microsoft Azure or other third-party vendors.[...]

  • PowerShell - Ipswitch

    PowerShell. PowerShell provides remote access of the monitored device and the ability to leverage PowerShell modules and .NET libraries installed there. Prerequisites. WhatsUp Gold uses a 32-bit (in other words, "x86") PowerShell engine. Only 32-bit PowerShell snap-ins are supported and 64-bit only snap-ins will not function properly.[...]

  • How to Build a Logging Function in PowerShell - WhatsUp Gold

    Because this function will need to be available to several different scripts, we're going to create a PS1 script just to store our function. The function's name will be Write-Log. Write-Log.ps1 function Write-Log . Read: Working With Windows Services In PowerShell. This logging function will write a single line to the log file every time it's ...[...]

  • WhatsUp Gold Valuable Features | IT Central Station

    Discover WhatsUp Gold's most valuable features. Learn from IT Central Station's network of customers about their experience with WhatsUp Gold so you can make the right decision for your company.[...]

  • Editions and Pricing - Compare Plans - WhatsUp Gold

    With WhatsUp Gold's device-based licensing you get maximal network monitoring coverage with less effort. Just decide what devices you want to manage and we make it simple from there. You pay by the number of devices you monitor and can apply as many monitors as you need.[...]

  • Antivirus and Security Software Configuration for WhatsUp Gold

    Dec 27, 2018· Antivirus and Security Software Configuration for WhatsUp Gold. This article briefly discusses the use of Antivirus software on WhatsUp Gold servers and actions customers may need to take to ensure WhatsUp Gold continues to function correctly[...]

  • Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Review & Rating | PCMag.com

    Apr 18, 2018· Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold is a comprehensive infrastructure management service. Its new version offers capabilities such as cloud performance monitoring for …[...]

  • Compare SolarWinds RMM vs WhatsUp Gold 2019 | FinancesOnline

    For overall product quality, SolarWinds RMM attained 8.8 points, while WhatsUp Gold gained 8.4 points. Meanwhile, for user satisfaction, SolarWinds RMM scored 89%, while WhatsUp Gold scored . Details about their functions, tools, supported platforms, customer support, and more are available below to help you get a more versatile assessment.[...]

  • WhatsUp Gold Network Monitoring Software - Ipswitch

    WhatsUp Gold works with major platform providers . Ipswitch tests and validates WhatsUp Gold multi-vendor network monitoring systems with leading technology platforms so you can be sure your deployment will be smooth. We stay platform-agnostic and provide in-depth server monitoring reports across diverse environments. View Strategic Partners[...]

  • WhatsUp Gold Review: network monitoring and management ...

    Dec 20, 2018· WhatsUp Gold Assessment Those of us who have been monitoring the evolution of WhatsUp Gold over the years have noticed the system is now starting to challenge industry leaders. Ipswitch has invested a lot in presentation as well as back-end functions, creating a very attractive dashboard with a large number of widgets to choose from.[...]

  • FAQ: WhatsUp Gold Active Scripting

    Technical Support for the Active Scripting feature is limited to the Active Script environment, the WhatsUp Gold Context object, and the WhatsUp Gold SNMP API. My script is failing when I attempt to use the WScript object in WhatsUp Gold, but this script works …[...]